Everyone has a talent, a calling . . . something that just comes naturally. Sometimes you know it, and sometimes it just happens. Finding things seems to come naturally to me.

I’m Paul Stratton, a 54-year-old husband, father, and grandfather. Sometimes I find things that I didn’t know I was looking for until I’ve found them.

When I married my wife, Andrea (Andy), I found my best friend. We have two sets of twins--Jake & Josh, and Jessi & Jereme--who have blessed us with 5 wonderful grandchildren. I love being a grandfather!

I just keep finding more and more things to love about life!

I live in Texarkana, Arkansas and am a full-time custodian at a Kenworth truck dealership. However, I am currently on medical leave due to the state of my health. I find pleasure in my hobbies: enjoyment in working the land when I garden, the awe of nature when I’m sailing, the feeling of accomplishment when I’m boatbuilding, and finding myself lost in a good book when I’m reading. I have even taken my penchant for finding things to another level: My trained Golden Retrievers and I belong to a K-9 search unit and help find people’s lost loved ones.

Now I am on a more deliberate mission to find something: The kidney disease I was born with has caught up with me, and I need a living kidney donor. Because my kidneys can no longer function on their own, I’ve spent the past three years on dialysis and 2½ years on the deceased-donor waiting list.

I have Type O blood, but because my transplant center, Dallas Transplant Institute, participates in paired donation, a person of any blood type can be a donor.

Will you help me find--or even be--my donor so that I can get back to finding new things to love in life? 

If you'd like to learn more about me or how to help, do any of the following:


  • Go to my Facebook page,  A Kidney for Paul Stratton.   
  • Speak with my transplant coordinator, Rosanna Vargaz, toll-free at 877-654-3690 or locally at 214-358-2300. My identification number is 336122.
  • If you would like to read or complete a donor application, you can find one online here. 


Thank you for reading my story and considering my situation. With your help, I look forward to living a long, healthy life!

                                                            Paul Stratton


P.S. - Although I live in Arkansas, I will have to remain in Dallas for 8-12 weeks following my transplant surgery. So that I can continue to pay my insurance premiums and eat healthful meals while in Dallas, I am raising funds on If you cannot donate a kidney but would like to help by contributing to the fund, I'd be ever so grateful. Any amount at all will make things a little easier. Thanks so very much!


Amber and Max's litter. Amber is an active search dog; Max is retired.



Hey suzanne , I need my page updated , could you please change my age to 54 , im on medical leave so I can focuse on my health, and ive been on dialysis for 3 years going on four, and that im doing dialysis at home instead of in clinic, thanks ,, paul

This is me with Amber, one  of my search dogs.







From our first litter, this is Faith...patiently waiting for a birthday treat!