Ask your potential recipient for information about how to contact his/her transplant center.

Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) (Nationwide)

Not limited to transplant recipients; recipients, donors, and families are welcome. TRIO sponsors support groups nationwide, including several in Ohio. To find a group in your area, click the TRIO link above.


Mentors, Previous and Potential Donors, and "Buddies"  


National Kidney Foundation:  The Mentor Project - (800) 822-3148 

Living Kidney Donors Online:  Donor Buddies

Living Kidney Donors Network:  Information  Contact

TRIO:  Lend a Helping Ear Program





The Right Thing: "I donated my kidney because it was the right thing to do and because I could. It's a small price to pay to save a life," says Tammie Bell (r), who donated a kidney to Wanda White, a previously unknown co-worker at the National Institutes of Health. Click here to read the story.